Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First priority

I am playing against my strengths. And it is one hell of an experience. For the first time I am pursuing something I am not really good at. I am just trying to get there. Where? To be able to bake decently. When my bakery course started I had other things in mind. Learn this and expand my business. But now I want to get back to my first love. The only thing I am passionate about. No prizes for attempting to guess that one.

It's not as if I am not enjoying my course. No, I am loving it. Learning how to bake wonderfully tasty stuff is great. Just that I cannot see myself baking cakes and cookies for a career. Not for the rest of my life.

The goal is still the same. I still want my own business. But now I will not give it first priority. Because if I am not going to write, there will always be a piece of me missing.

If I knew I possibly cannot survive without doing what I love, why did I even attempt doing something else? Was I scared? I have never been scared of treading the beaten path. It was not fear. Nor was it uncertainty. I guess it was " let me do something else and see If I find anything else as appealing."  I sort of feel that I ignored my calling just to try my hand at something else, just so I could experiment.

And now I  know. I have chosen. For better or for worse. 


  1. WeirdTalkingDragon12 September, 2012

    "Uncertainty se better hai sure hona." Sorry, that's the tagline of a pregnancy test, but you gotta admit, it applies to your situation :P