Saturday, October 20, 2012

New and old.

I have a brand new background. Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Samik. He is great with such stuff. Designing backgrounds, logos, painting. Even my header is done by him. He is this multi talented guy who can paint, sketch, sing, play the guitar, click great photographs AND write. It's overwhelming. It's as if he is good at whatever he does.

And ofcourse he is a great friend. He is always ready to help. Always. He is one of those people who do not think twice about helping other people. He will go out of his way to help anyone who needs it.

I wish we met more often. Had the time to. But we don't. That doesn't change the fact that I treasure him as a friend.

He is one of the purest souls you will meet. And he is one of the sweetest guy  I know. His simplicity is what makes him different. And I know he will stick to his ideals, no matter what. As a friend, he will stick by you, even if you don't. He is that kind of guy.

I want to thank you Samik; for your countless re-designs of my blog background, for all the logos you made for me, for all the ideas you suggested to me and for all the techie help you gave me. 

Update:   25.1. 2014 Samik has written a guest post for me. To read it, click here

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  1. After reading this, there's only one thing I have left to do - Smile... Thank you Dear Jee Jee :')