Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Y: Yes, you know it

You know you're  a hostelite when...

  • You believe that more detergent means cleaner clothes.
  • You try to find ways of making the hostel food more interesting.
  • You glow when you recieve a parcel from home.
  • You would eat anything your mother cooks when you get back home.
  • Going out to withdraw cash is an event.
  • You start comparing prices of  everything you buy.
  • Sleep is the biggest luxury of your life.
  • A month before  going home, you start counting days.
  • You need to 'shotgun' a bathroom every morning.
  • You shift places to get the best network.
  • All  phone conversations take place in the corridor.
  • You periodically   borrow ketchup, pickle, maggi, earphones, shoes, clothes, laptops and everything else from anyone who is willing to share. 
  • Your room is sacred. Your bed, even more so. 
You know you're a hostelite when you are a hostelite. Even though we crib, at the end of the day it's not that bad. 

Update: 5.2.2014 I have a guest post by Amateur at this on what you learn when you relocate to a new city and experience hostel life. It's a fun read on gaining independence and learning new things. Read it here  


  1. can totally relate with it!

    But did not use to 'shotgun' the bathrooms every morning! Was lucky in that regard :)

    Shift places to get better network - totally did that during b.tech :P

    And in case of washing clothes, my formula was - "Dirtier the clothes, more the detergent" :P

  2. The sacred truth of all hostelites. But what was the 'Shotgunning' of bathrooms about?

    1. Well, since the bathrooms are limited, we 'shotgun' a bathroom by placing our towels or buckets. Otherwise someone else enters. It's strategic move.

  3. I wouldn't know anything about being a hostilite, but there's one thing I must say-the first time I laid my eyes on this post it reminded me of a movie called "10 things I hate about you"...