Friday, October 5, 2012

U: 100 words: Ultimate power

Ultimately she would have her way. He would be hers. He did not love her. But he would. Sooner or later. She had her charms. No man, had ever been able to resist her. And she knew that.

She wanted him. She knew he didn't love her. She wasn't sure if she did. But she was definitely attracted. No man had ignored her before. This man had dared to. Had the power to. She would strip him off this power.

He would fall hopelessly in love with her. And then, she would leave. Shredding his heart into pieces. Like always.

1 comment :

  1. I feel the exact same thing, only the gender is reversed, where I am the one in love, and she is the one who will hopelessly fall in love with me... I have been feeling very down about this lately. No more. Thanks to this post...