Tuesday, October 2, 2012

R: Randomly talking

Random Oneliner # 4: I hate being so dependent on facebook. I need facebook. To share and re-share cool articles and pictures promoting feminism. To keep in touch with my group. And most importantly to share links of my new blog posts. I hate needing facebook so much.  And I hate the fact that I love using it. And that I miss it when I don't log in.

Facebook is a habit I want to grow out of. Or maybe not. 

P. S - My Oneliners are never one liners and that's why I cannot tweet. 


  1. Twitter doesn't appeal to me much...

  2. If it were a week ago, I might have agreed with you, but I really overcame the facebook obsession. So, I am pretty happy and now I have plenty of time to be pissed on other things, some important, some not so...