Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Google list

I googled myself yesterday. Not because of any self obsession tendencies (maybe a little) but because I wanted to see how much information Google stored about me. 

I made a list of all the things I found about myself.

1. The fact that I use Facebook and Google+ is revealed. ( This I expected.)

2.I used to have a blog on Ibibo which I deleted(For those who are aghast. I do hope someone is aghast. As I was saying what I wrote there was BAD.) The link still comes on the 2nd page. If you click on it it’s a broken link.

3. I have a Picasa web album, which is now sort of default with Google+ users. This album has zero pics.

4. An account with a site called slideshare. I had to register to see a presentation and now I have an useless account. ( With no recollection of my password or the email id I had used.)

5. I used to have an account with a site called back when I was a teen and used a dial up modem(Now THAT used to take ages and we used to be very patient. A momentary pause for the “times have changed” rant, please.) I was into fanficton and even wrote one myself. So my user id also came up on the 3rd page.

6. My college admission merit list. ( I still can’t believe that was three years ago AND college is over!)

7. An interview I gave to The Telegraph when I was 17. (Here's why I was interviewed)

8. My story that got published with TOI. (Yay!)

9. A letter to the editor of The Telegraph.

10. Comments I gave on a public forum. (Did I actually say that? )

11. The fact that I use JustDial.

12. This blog! (Thank God for that.)

Moral of the story? (No moral, I just concluded.)The internet is the most extensive archive. Everything you do on the www is archived. Every lame comment I made on a forum is out there. Nothing gets deleted. That every activity is archived is not new information, yesterday I saw that for myself. I don’t find this scary. I am very matter of fact about it. I haven’t done anything stupid. (Not really.) As a not so net savvy teenager I may have partcipated in online discussions on forums about my favourite actor, book or whatever. No pictures. Nothing career threatening. I don’t need to worry about my past deeds. But after this I will be more careful about what I write, where.

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