Tuesday, May 15, 2012


If my optimism is my hamartia then I am ready to accept it. But not when it hurts the people I love. Not when it affects others. I need to unlearn some things and relearn some others. There is so much about me that I need to change.

I can't afford to let my mistakes hurt others. Not now. Not anymore.

I need to change. Be conscious.

I wish I could be less optimistic. 

I will change.


  1. How is your being optimistic harming others?:-O

    1. I make plans,I get so optimistic about them working out that I don't think of Plan B. And when these plans are connected to other people, it hurts them when things don't work out. I need to learn a lot.

    2. Ohhkkk.So you mean to say you need to have a contingency plan,a back-up.:-)That's cool.Always good to have a fail-safe option.But optimism is a virtue.DON"T lose it!!!!:-)

    3. Ya, My optimism is something I don't think I can change. For better or for worse.