Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Sunny Times

Summer is all about having fun right? I live in Kolkata and summers here are all about sweating all over. 

The sweating started in April this time. Drip, drip and drip. Loads of drip, drip actually. 

I am not scared of the Sun, though. My friend Kaniti, her face literally dries up in the sun. She can't do without an umbrella. I can. I like summer. Even though I crib about the humidity.  

And this summer is going to be different. Final exams out of the way, I can now claim that my student life is finally over. I do not plan to study further, get a post graduation degree like all my friends are. 

And before I resume work full fledgedly( I have my own business) I need to travel. I want to go places. Only recently I have realised that the travel bug in me can't be curbed. I get restless if I don't go anywhere. I plan to travel. I have a whole list of places I want to visit. The list is pretty long and has only a few ticks. 

I plan to move out of my city and relocate some place else. Not because I don't love my city but because I want a new experience. 

I guess this summer will be about new experiences . I plan to learn how to drive. I want to learn a new language. I have some new plans for my business. New ideas for fiction. As one chapter closes, a new chapter is opened. 

New beginnings are tough and sort of scary. I say sort of because doing something I want to gives me confidence. That doesn't mean I am not scared at times.

Summer should be fun. Full of surprises. Maybe I will enjoy these surprises. But i do like to plan. So maybe planned surprises? I don't know if there exists such a thing. 

Summer need not be sweaty. What are hankies for? I think I would just apply some sunscreen, take out my shades, carry some water and enjoy the sun. 

This post was written for the Lakme Diva Blogger contest.  I love Lakme

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