Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lotus Stem Part 3

Part 1

Interesting female, this Mrinalini. And what eyes. What bewitching eyes. What is wrong with you, you moron. Stop thinking about her! And those brown eyes.

She was not like others. She seemed so uninterested in everything. As if no one mattered. Her eyes didn’t stay at one place but when they did her gaze was steady. When she looked directly at you it was as if she was looking right through you.

It somehow looked as if she was searching for something. Sometimes, he felt; she had found it and was making sure it was what she was searching for.

Yesterday was surreal. She had stayed away from the Sangeet, preferring to sit with him in the terrace. They had talked. She was so quiet when she was listening it seemed she wasn’t even there.

Her eyes moved when she talked. And she sat so still.

He had almost kissed her. Her lips would have felt nice. Soft. She would have felt wonderful. He would kiss her. Just to be sure what it felt like.

He was sure she wanted to be kissed. Mrinalini, with her bewitching eyes.


She looked absolutely stunning. Yes, stunning was the word for it. What was that colour? Orange? Light orange? Girls had a better name for it…

Her toes were peeping out of her sandals. Glass sandals. One Cinderella she was. And he would sweep her away…

Mrinalini was looking around, trying to locate her mother. What did she look like today? There were too many people around. Too much jibber jabber that she couldn’t make out.

The morning of a wedding is always hectic. The haldi ceremony like all the other rituals was delayed. The guests didn’t mind. They were busy devouring the breakfast spread.

The bride meanwhile, upstairs in her room was panicking. She hadn’t worn her yellow and white churidar and kurta yet. And she was crying. She was allowed to; she hadn’t put on her makeup.

“It’s my wedding day already! She said desperately. ‘I am getting married! I don’t want to get married” she pouted.

“This is a nightmare”she announced to her mother and best friend Shreya. The bride to be’s mother was meanwhile tearing her hair out. Shreya urged her to get ready. Nandita refused to.

“I hate this mom! Why did I ever buy this? Yellow! Who wears yellow?” she was now hysterical.

Hassled, Leena said, “It’s traditional to wear yellow during the haldi.”

“It goes with the haldi” Shreya pointed out only to be admonished with a loud “shut up”.

Leena was now panicking. Yash was constantly calling her up, asking her what exactly was wrong. She needed to go down, attend to the guests. She called up Lalitha, hoping she could make her niece calm down.

No one noticed that Mrinalini had disappeared.