Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lotus Stem Part 5

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“What happened to Uday yaar? Disappeared!” Virat asked his brother.

“He left. He called me an hour ago. Some urgent business.” The soon to be married groom said.


“I don’t know man. He could have stayed for a few more hours. He came all the way for my wedding and left so suddenly yaar. What the hell is wrong with him?”

“Weird guy, I tell you. Seriously. By the way Bhabhi was looking great at the haldi today huh? You were staring at her like crazy. Too smitten you are bro, too smitten!”


“Mama, mausi is crying”

“Is she now? “ Lalitha looked up as her 10 year old daughter entered the room.


Aarti paused. Her mother continued folding clothes. Soon it would be time for them to go back home.

“Is it because Nandita di got married and left?”

“Yes beta, Mausi will miss her.”

“Even Mrinalini di is leaving. Ranno is packing her bag.”

“Yes, she is leaving”

“Can’t she stay?”

“She is not well, na”

“She has schizophrenia right?”

Lalitha was shocked. She got up.

“Who told you that Aarti? “

“I heard Mausi talk on the phone…”

Lalitha sat down again. After a bout of silence she spoke again to her puzzled daughter.

“Yes beta, your Mrinalini di is suffering from schizophrenia. It has robbed her of her life” she mumbled.

“Maybe she will come back when she gets married.” Aarti smiled.

“I don’t think she will get married Aarti”

“She will Mama. And we will dance at her wedding too!”

Aarti danced out of the room.




  1. Okay, so here's the thing. Very well written, eerie, sublime and attractive. But... a the ending is a bit flat. Only a teeny bit. You could have worked more on the climax. But as I said, the aura is uncanny! Cheers!

    1. Thanks! :)

      Will try and change the ending. Maybe extend it a little.

  2. Ok.Read the complete thing.Hmmm....