Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lotus Stem Part 4

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“Hey!” Mrinalini whispered as soon as she spotted Uday on the terrace.

“You scared me! I was just going down. The guys have made a makeshift bar…”

“Come with me”

“Where?” If Uday was unsure, he didn’t show it.

“Just come.”

Mrinalini looked at him in the eye and caught hold of his hand. A slow grin formed itself in Uday’s face.

No one was there on the stairs. She pulled him along, behind her.

“You don’t have to hold my hand, I am coming with you” Uday said with a laugh.

Mrinalini didn’t say anything. Neither did she let go.

“Not that I have a problem. No issues. Infact, I am enjoying this. “

Uday couldn’t stop smiling. A smile made up of anticipation.

She led him to the first floor. Her bedroom was in the right hand corner.


‘Oh god! Bedroom! She’s taking me to her bedroom! I didn’t expect this! Wow!’ Uday was now getting excited. He had been right; she too could feel the sexual tension between them. The chemistry he felt was not missed by her. This was going places he had wanted to…

Won’t they miss us? Her family would miss her surely. She was the sister. But why do I care if she doesn’t? I am just glad she wants this too.

Mrinalini unlocked her door.

“Come in” she said quietly.

He strode in. Neat room. As if she didn’t stay there. She didn’t seem to have many things.

He heard a click, she had locked the door.

Should I unbutton my shirt Uday wondered, trying to understand what to do next. Maybe I don’t need to think. She is taking the lead; she would do all the thinking. He would just sit back and enjoy the show. And why not? She was bold too and he liked bold woman. I am so glad I came. To think that I had almost cancelled.

Mrinalini had swiftly walked towards her dressing table. She was taking something out from her drawer.

Was that…

It took her 15 seconds to walk back to him. She caught him by the collar. That’s when he saw what was in her hand. Shining. Polished.

“Oh my god Mrinalini! What are you doing?! Move that knife away!”

“I will not let you kill me. I will kill you before that” she said gently.

“What?” Uday started struggling to get free. What was wrong with this woman? Her grip was strong.

She was aiming for his neck. Her hands weakened for a moment. He broke free.

She tried to stop him from unlocking the door. Caught him from behind. The knife was brushing against him. Somehow, he unbolted the door and fled downstairs as fast as he could.


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