Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to form a habit among other things...

They say it takes a week to form a habit. Some say it takes 27 days. It's day two and I hope the 7 day habit formation is working 

This is not even a real how to. I am not going to teach you how to form a habit coz I don't know it myself. Read one of those self help books that you keep buying. 

  It has been a long day and it's almost my bedtime. Yeah, I know it's only 10.20 and I hate
to admit that I am sleeping relatively early these days. I am after all, trying to wake up early too. That's another one of my resolutions. I have been trying to lose weight/inches and also get fitter/healthier and so I need to exercise. (You can't really diet, when you're baking, can you?) So new year resolution #2 exercise for atleast 20 minutes each day. I have been exercising for a few months now, but the resolutions kind of makes it more compelling, you know. I missed it on the 1st coz you know new year's eve blah blah blah. (For the record, I was sleeping, texts, calls and fireworks woke me up.) 

So I downloaded these fun zumba videos and some basic workout thingys and I am going to exercise everyday for the next 365  363 days. And eat healthier. 

Speaking of food, I have been using Kitchenbug which is a Beta app that helps you collect all the recipes you find online. This has helped me tremendously. It gives nutritional info and the format of the recipes are print friendly. Check out their facebook page too. 

I have one more thing I want to share with you ( A little much needed self promotion here) As you may or may not know, I now own my own business Melete and I am also blogging about food, sharing recipes, and blabbering about my business at my new blog. Show it a little love. It's a newbie and needs loads of attention. 

And since I will be writing everyday *fingers crossed* and I don't want to ramble; I will be planning a few things for Pigeonheadophobia. Expect a few challenges, guest posts, How To's, loads more fiction, poetry (well, maybe). And maybe a makeover. 

It's gonna be an interesting year!
Anyway, ciao
see you all tomorrow

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