Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When Lucy spoke

I am no Lucy
But if I were
I would wait for you in my cottage

I would stand by my window
staring out,
till you came.

I would send clouds towards you
to tell you of me.

I would know that
I love you
even though I had not opened my eyes.

Lucy has always loved you
much before you realised.

I am no Lucy
but if I were
I know I would have no other

You would teach me
more than I would ever know.

You would tell me of my existence
and speak aloud my name

 I would not know passion
only know to wait.

 And I will
till you longer doubt
what would have been.

What is there is there
has been there for years.
Before you; before me; before all.

I am Lucy
and I am right here.

 ~28th November 2013

I am no Wordsworth but if I were...