Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quest Mall, Park Circus

On Saturday, I visited the newly opened Quest mall for the first time. It is apparently  the second largest shopping mall in Eastern India. It is also the first luxury mall of  Kolkata and also the whole of East India and the largest of its kind in India.

 While it almost gives you the feel of being in Mumbai's Phoenix it is not as spectacular as it looks like from outside. Most of the high end brands like Breitling, Emporio and Burburry are not open yet. However, the brands that are open include Lifestyle (not previously seen in Kolkata), Vera Moda, W, Wills Lifestyle, Earthwear.

Once the luxury brands are inaugurated Quest will become the hub for the elite. 

The Foodcourt has Mexican joint Chili's, which has in a very short time become a popular hang out. A slight pocket pinch is expected  ( Rs 1500 for two) which is not bad for a novelty restaurant.  Other than that the foodcourt has KFC, CCD, a chinese food counter among the usual fare. 

They have Inox, which has 6 screens. Though for me that is not really a bonus living in the south. But yes, definitely more options. 

The Spencer's  is pretty huge but they don't have an alcohol section, just yet. They may have one soon though. And I had expected them to have a few novelty sections not available at the other Spencers. 

I am not much of a mall person or much of a shopping person so having a luxury mall in Kolkata is not that big a deal for me. I would go back and hang out there if I absolutely had no place to meet up with a friend AND if I wanted to eat at Chili's. 

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