Saturday, January 4, 2014

I am cheating on my boyfriend but he doesn't seem to mind

It was at the age of 19 that I developed my love for cooking. I may not like the chopping part, the rest of it; I love. And I  am not exactly a foodie but  I adore feeding them. 

Cooking, collecting recipes' trying them, baking; gives me as much joy as writing does. I had never thought I would enjoy any activity as much as I enjoy writing but I do! And it amazes me!

A week ago a friend of mine told me how I can smoke vegetables easily without  using any expensive equipment. It's simple and cost effective. 

So the next day I bought some charcoal, skewers and an earthen pot and today I tried smoking half a green capsicum. 

So here's how you do it:

Take an earthen pot. I bought the smallest size and it cost me 15 bucks. Fill the pot 1/4th with sand. 

Put the vegetable through the skewer

Place a couple of charcoal pieces on  an open flame and let it turn red. When it's burning red use  tongs to lift it and place it in the pot. Now pour ghee/butter/oil on the charcoal. It will start smoking. Place the skewer on the pot and turn  it occasionally. 

Once my capsicum was smoked,  I pureed it with some oregano, thyme and salt and added it to a bowl of hung curd. I sauteed some boiled veggies and pasta and mixed it with the curd mixture. The result was a yum cold salad. And bonus points for low cals! Wish I had clicked a pic. 

I keep looking for healthier options when it comes to recipes and it makes me happy when everyone appreciates it and keep on asking for more helpings and then scold me for making so "little". I am lucky that I have never had a  kitchen catastrophe . Except for today when I almost caused a fire hazard situation (twice ) but that's for another blogpost. 

when one of my friends asked me what my connection to food is the first thought that came to me is "I am a punjaban! I mean, we are all supposed to be foodies! We are supposed to live for our butter chicken and rajma chawal. 

I grew in a culture where  food is very important. Atleast in my house, no guest can leave the house without eating something. We feed people who come to our place. With meals, with snacks; something  to nibble on. Serving them just water/tea/coffee won't do at all! 

Even if we go to a social gathering the first thing we think about is the meal that will be served. You went to a wedding, how was the food? Did you take down the caterer's number?

I have seen my mom meticulously plan all our meals, day in and day out. So breakfast is over? What do we cook for lunch?  It gets tedious. 

So, my relationship with food has never been personal.  It was always about what meals we were having and helping my mom plan meals for five different taste palettes It was never about experimenting. Until now. 

Now, I am consciously trying to look for recipes where I can experiment since I don't really have to cook the everyday meals. And becauseI am pretty good at it; most of it is relished. 

So what's your relationship with food? Does it bring you joy? Do you believe it can bring someone hope?

Do you enjoy cooking or is it the eating that delights you? 

What's food to you?


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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope you like my other posts too :)